Delete Windows.old dan DiskK Clean Up di Windows 8 Crack


Delete Windows.old and DiskK Clean Up In Windows 8 Latest Crack 2023

Afternoon, buddy.. I just want to make a tutorial.. I’m looking for a collection on my blog.. about Windows 8, right.. How do we delete JUNK FILES with tools from Windows. . ready.. here are the steps

How to Delete JUNK Windows files with CLEANUP DISK This
feature is indeed available in all versions of Windows.. however, with a different display on Windows 8, maybe there are some friends who feel confused looking for this feature.. go straight to this step

1. Open “SERACH”, then type “DISK CLEAN UP” then select SETTINGS, Next. Choose FREE UP DISK SPACE, see picture

2. Follow the steps, then select Drive C, until it appears like THIS.
3. If the steps above have appeared. Select CLEAN UP SYSTEM FILE, so that Windows detects more complete data that needs to be discarded than only up to the steps above.
4. Now if it appears, please check all.. Then OK, wait a moment. WIndows Will Delete It.. Enjoy..

DELETE WINDOWS.OLD [ How to delete this Can use any version of Windows ]

After using DISK CLEAN UP, Have You Seen WINDOWS.OLD , WINDOWS.OLD.001 or WINDOWS.OLD.002 on DRIVE C pal..?? Hmm.. If ever.. Do you know the reason why..? well.. it happens because when you install windows, DRIVE C is not in FORMAT, so the Old Windows Backupan Folder arises, of course it greatly reduces your hard drive’s SPACE. especially if the C drive has a SMALL SPACE, overwrite it… of course it reduces the SPACE a lot. . Well.. Can WINDOWS.OLD be deleted..?? Of course you can.. How do you do it.. It’s easy.. follow the steps below

How to Do the operations:

  • RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%windows.old
  • If the WIndows.OLD is more than 1. For example, there is  WIndows.old.01  now… the ending is added  .01  ,
  • If you have.. just wait.. then it will process..
  • And Enjoyy. Windows.OLD has been deleted.

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