FORUMS [kuyhaa-android19] ID SHARE NEWBIE Latest 2023

FORUMS [kuyhaa-android19] ID SHARE NEWBIE Latest 2023 

and there are no posts yet on the FORUM. well.. i just want input from my friend.. how should it be improved.. and or ANYONE WANT TO BE A MODERATOR.. please.. COMMENT here… . if you don’t have one.. that’s okay.. 😀 .. the point is just to learn.. if you are interested, we can share.. whatever.. share.. .

well.. if you want to see what the forum is like… look at ==>

If you want to test to become a member, please, friend.. or want to post.. 😀

maybe that’s all for now.. I hope for CRITICISM and FEEDBACK.. o.. yes it’s an old FORUM type.. actually I want to install the latest version of the forum.. but.. I’ve been messing around with this one on LOCALHOST.. so yeah.. that’s it . share it.. hehe.. 😀


may be useful guys

kuyhAa™ ndroiD¹⁹

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