Kaspersky Password Manager 9.6.2 Terbaru Latest Crack 2023


Kaspersky Password Manager 9.6.2 Latest Crack 2023 

Kaspersky Password Manager 9.6.2 Latest is one of the software as a depot or a place to store a collection of passwords in a software that is safe and controlled. when you remember dozens of different passwords and they are rarely used, then gradually forget if you will use them again.

So from there the solution is that you can save all these passwords in this application and can be backed up online via a Kaspersky account.

With Kaspersky Password Manager you can also store your important data according to the features it provides. such as bank cards, addresses, important notes, photos, applications that have account logins.

The limitation is that the application that I provide is only free, that is, you can only get 15 data, for those who want unlimited premium, you can buy the original license.



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Install Step

  • Download then extract the file
  • then install by double click “kpm_local.exe”
  • after finished, please set according to your data
  • Remember, this is only free, aka the free version, so only 15 data, just overwrite it in 1 bundle text (for a joke), I
  • don’t have the license! buy original is recommended
  • enjoy
  • great greetings

Size: 163 Mb

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